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Fastest growing 1/8 mile radial class across the midwest.   The 2015 record is held by ​ Jimmy Plimpton ​with a 4.674.

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​$150 TO ENTER


$200​ TO ENTER


All entry fees are paid on race day in CASH. If your vehicle breaks prior to first round of qualifying, or while testing, your entry fee will not be refunded.   ​Registration closes when 2nd round of qualifying begins.

Entry level drag radial class.   The 2015 MDRA E.T. record is held by Joshua Brunz with a 5.164

2016 Schedule

May 14
June 18

July 9 (Night Race)
July 23-24 (Night Race)
August 13

September 10
October 1 & 2

Unlimited outlaw drag radial class.

THe current MDRA E.T. record is
​ held by Gary Oswald Jr. with a 4.73.

Ultra Street

​$100 to enter

Next points Race is September 10